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Get some good vibes flowing with our self care mini set. Both Palo Santo and Holy Basil are known for their de-stressing properties, and Manuka is one of the best skincare oils out there; you can read more about each oil below. Treat yourself to some super luxurious oils!


About Manuka Oil
(Leptospermum scoparium)

5ml/.17 oz | 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil

Origin: New Zealand

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Manuka Oil is a beautiful and very impressive skincare oil. It is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial, which makes it excellent for treating blemishes and acne when used with your favorite carrier oil. Its anti-fungal properties also make it great for treating an itchy scalp or dandruff. Manuka can sometimes be overlooked due to the popularity of Tea Tree oil, which is another amazing oil for it’s abilities to combat bacteria, but in some instances Manuka can be reportedly more effective than Tea Tee. Definitely worth giving this skincare miracle a shot! It’s also very nice in the diffuser with florals, pines, and citrus.
While this is not the same thing as Manuka honey, Manuka oil is extracted and distilled from the leaves of the Manuka tree while Manuka honey is made from bees pollinating the Manuka bush of the same species. The thing that makes Manuka Honey so special is its antimicrobial properties, which it shares with Manuka Oil, except Manuka oil is 100 times more antimicrobial than it’s honey counterpart.

About Holy Basil
(Ocimum sanctum)

5ml/.17 oz | 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil

Origin: India

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Historically, this oil is known by the people of India to purify the body and mind. Best enjoyed by diffusing and blended with other oils (works great with citrus and floral oils), Holy Basil is said to both ease stress and clear the mind while also helping to ward off illness. This oil has a luxurious sweet and spicy aroma.

About Palo Santo
(Bursera graveolens)

5ml/.17 oz | 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil

Origin: Ecuador
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

We have a lot of appreciation for Palo Santo’s spiritual traditions. It is used frequently during yoga practices, meditation, and in the home (particularly new homes) as it is said to cleanse a space of negative energy. More traditionally, Palo Santo can be great for relieving headaches and lifting mood, as well as cleansing impurities in the air and skin, and can be an excellent partner to Manuka for skincare needs when diluted with a favorite carrier oil.

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